Monday, 7 May 2012

The Big Day

It was with nervous anticipation that I waited for the Fierce Valley Roller Cubs first public outing – The Fierce Valley Roller Girls Craft Emporium <>. I was worried that I would not be able to answer any questions, worried that no one would ask questions and worried that we would have no one visit us all day.

The table was set up in lightening-speed time as the clock approached midday and our first guests started to visit us. Thankfully they knew about roller derby and asked some helpful questions about the age range of junior roller derby, and how this affected game play – thankfully questions we were able to respond to. Our next visitor was interested in finding out some more information for her niece and appeared happy with our responses and the leaflets that she went away with.

The next few hours seemed to pass by quickly with enquiries, people popping by to complete our questionnaire, and adults and potential Fierce Valley Roller Cubs taking part in our fundraising activities. We had an afternoon visit from the girls behind the Roller Grrls Comic < >, and they were telling us all about their new venture Lil Rollers.

With the help of our founding cub members ‘Cam Cam Thank You Mam’ and ‘Itty Bitty Bang Bang’ we had the Fierce Valley Roller Cubs t-shirts being fashioned around the hall and Falkirk. Cam Cam took a stint on the table encouraging visitors to Find the Treasure and Guess the Number of Sweeties in the Jar. Unfortunately ‘Jenny and I Scream’ didn’t get her chance as she wasn’t well on the day.