Wednesday, 25 April 2012

All go...

The committee is deep in prep mode for this Saturday's Craft Emporium (come along - Masonic Temple, Lint Riggs, Falkirk, 12-4pm!) where we'll have a stall of games and goodies, plus skaters on hand to answer any questions.  Frocky Horror and Evil Moogle have been hard at work producing these great documents: What is junior roller derby, an equipment checklist, and FAQs - all found on our Facebook page here:

We're also the subject of a great article from Scottish Roller Derby:  Big thanks are due for that, we're so excited that other people are taking such an interest!

Monday, 16 April 2012


Derby stance, a few jumps and even a swish wee turn at the end - go Zombocalinsay!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


I'm keen to be a coach but don't have much experience - that's where my niece comes in handy as a willing guinea pig!  Zombocalinsay (as we'll call her) and I went for an outdoor skate today, but my plans to show her a few basics were scuppered when I found out she could do it all already...  A few tips on derby stance and a quick run through of stops were about all I managed before she was off, scooting around, hopping and jumping and finishing off with a few flashy turns.  And as I was trying out my retro disco style skates for the first time (such a difference from derby skates), she was skating rings around me and showing me up.  Great.  Ah well, it's a learning experience for everyone - I could claim that what she was able to do was down to me being super coach, but really, I don't think anyone would believe that!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Moving forward...

We have a couple of things on the go just now - those of us that wish to be coaches have now been approved and accepted as PVG scheme members, which enables us to work with children.  This is a huge step for us as this had to be in place before doing anything else.  We're all very excited (and reassured to know that we're not working alongside any secret criminals...)!
Interest in the Cubs continues to grow, Scottish Roller Derby has been very supportive and taken an interest in what we're doing - watch out for an article in the future!
Finally, we're busy planning for our stall at the Fierce Valley Roller Girls' Craft Fayre (Masonic Temple, Falkirk, 28th April, 12-4pm).  We'll be on hand to spread the word about the Cubs and answer as many questions as we can.  We'll also have a few games and competitions, as well as some yummy treats.  It'll be our first fundraising effort too so we hope to see loads of people there!